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Ketofy - Almond Flour (500g) | 100% Pure Natural Almond Flour with Skin

Ketofy - Almond Flour with skin is an excellent gr... Moreain-free baking option. It’s high protein and high fat content makes it an ideal option for baking quick breads, muffins, cookies, and bars. The high amount of protein, fat, and fiber in almond flour also contribute to satiety (the feeling of fullness between meals). 100% Natural: Almond flour means grounded almonds but their skin is removed before grinding. Removing the skin makes the almond flour preparation look nice and clean. It gives nice non-granular feel in mouth while eating. On the contrary, Almond meal means grounded almonds with skin hence color of preparation is nutty and you feel nutty taste in mouth while eating. Ultra Low Carb: Almond Flour is very low in carb. 100g of almond flour contains just 9.5g net carbohydrates. There are many recipes which can be made using Almond Flour mix like cake, bread, pizza base and many more. 100% Healthy: Proteins are required for muscle development, building stamina, healing and recovery. Nuts and seeds are very good source of protein. Almond flour contains 22% protein. Almond flour is a high protein vegetarian food. Multi Purpose: If you are looking for a combination of low carbohydrate and gluten free flour then Almond Flour/Badam powder is a great option. Almond flour is an ultra-low carbohydrate ingredient using which you can make many delicious recipes. Less
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Ketofy - Keto Coconut Flour (1kg) | Ultra Low Carb Coconut Flour

Each Keto Roti(25g) made from Ketofy - Coconut Flo... Moreur has the perfect macros for an ideal Keto Diet : Low Net Carbs, High Fat and Moderate Protein along with essential Vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Niacin, etc. Indianised Keto Products : These products have been carefully curated to not only take care of your nutriotional Keto needs but also satisfy your craving of traditional Roti that one usually misses while on Ketogenic Diet. 100% Vegetarian, All Natural, Gluten Free, No Chemicals or No Artificial Compounds, No Artificial Flavors, No Added Sugar, No Added Preservatives or Colour. What is Keto Diet? : A keto or ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can help you burn fat more effectively. It has many benefits for weight management, sugar level management, Diabetes management, curing PCOS, etc. A keto diet can be especially useful for losing excess body fat without hunger, and for reversing type 2 diabetes. Ketofy - Coconut Keto Flour is one of its kind all-purpose Keto flour for severe Keto Dieters only that can be used to make Keto Roti, Keto Parantha, Keto Chilla, Keto Pancake, Keto Dosa, Keto Bread, etc. for your keto diet plan. Less
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